I was born in rural Australia and my early life was spent in a remote area with few facilities and harsh conditions. The area had a muted beauty that compensated for the difficult lifestyle and I learned to live in harmony with the environment not fight against it.
During my education, teachers enjoyed flogging me, punching me, dragging me by the hair and verbally abusing me, but they never broke my spirit or my intense desire to learn. I have devoted my life to the study of how this level of institutionalized abuse permeates society and is tolerated.
I am a social commentator, researcher, psycho-pathologist and analyst who explores malignant social integration in modern and ancient culture. My studies show people the underlying malicious structure of all human societies and how to break the cycle of control.

Through intense study, I would discover the REAL REASON our society is obsessed with warfare, money, mistreatment and control. I would ultimately discover the incredible power of humanity, richness without debt, spirituality without fanaticism, knowledge without diplomas and governance without insanity.

I am giving you The Key to unlock every secret of every society.
‘The Key’ makes sense of the nonsense around you – simply, quickly and entertainingly.
If you only ever read one book in your life, ‘The key’ is the book to read.

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