The Key

The key to understand everything

‘The Key’ by Relenski Zortac is a FREE eBook that unlocks Every Secret of Every Society on planet earth. Zortac gives people power without guns, richness without debt, spirituality without fanaticism, knowledge without diplomas and governance without insanity. He shows why there is abuse, ill health, poverty, unhappiness and who profits from this misery.

Zortac’s Key unlocks the real reason there are wars, terror attacks, racial hatred, famines, abuse, political lies, corruption, financial collapses and discontent in a simple, easy to read format.

If you are having the most wonderful time on planet earth, congratulations, this is not the book for you.
If however, you are struggling personally or financially and wonder why governments are ineffective, pursue warfare, lie, increase taxes, sell national assets, become more secretive and abusive, then The Key will provide the answer to your questions simply and easily.

If you are or have been part of an abusive, violent relationship, The Key will help you understand and recover your life from your dangerous situation. If you are a victim of racial or religious persecution, The Key will unlock the secret door of prejudice.

This true, short story follows the journey of a young, abused boy who ultimately discovered The Key to controlling social structures. Like a scalpel, it surgically slices through the onion skins of society to reveal the black heart of humanity’s problems.

The answer to ancient and modern social and environmental problems is so sickly simple it will make you wonder how you didn’t think of it yourself. Not only does The Key answer the questions you may be asking about your current society, it provides solutions. The knowledge you gain gives you an immediate answer to all social problems. You will be able to predict what world leaders, local politicians and economies will do in the future. You will have the knowledge to improve the way the world is controlled.

This book is so hot it sizzles.
It begins with a quiet journey down a country road, meanders through rural Australia, explores a tropical paradise and explodes into the most confronting and illuminating material you will ever read.
All the doors that prevent you from seeing the truth will swing open.
You will have the key to unlock every secret of your society. Your world will look refreshingly different and exciting when you finish reading and you will discover a four-letter word that terrifies your leaders. They have no comprehension of this word and they cannot control it, tax it or declare war on it, yet is more powerful than all the money in the world. The word they fear, holds functioning societies together, is free to all to access anytime, gives meaning to life and not bound by language, time, borders or religions. When you read The Key, you will discover what this powerful four letter word is and how to use it. If you think the world cannot change, you are 100% wrong. The world can change for the better and it is changing, far quicker than those in control realise.

  • You will discover authority without abuse, richness without banks, spirituality without zeal, knowledge without universities and governance without absurdity. You will be able to unlock the hidden doors of the secret world few people realise exists.
  • You will discover how banks make money from thin air and you will be amazed at the audacity of these masters of illusion and learn ways to break free from the tentacles of greed.
  • You will discover why governments become more secretive, devious and continually erode citizens civil rights.
  • You will discover why there are catastrophic stock market crashes and who benefits from them.
  • You will find the reason there is racial hatred, religious intolerance and who makes money from this abuse.
  • You will understand the reason some people thrive on warfare, civil unrest, misery and suffering.
  • You will have access to information that may save your life when dealing with violent people.
  • You will be able to follow the magic money trail and discover who benefits from your hard work.
  • You will discover that governments are a fictional entity.
  • You will discover who replaces truth with lies, freedom with control, respect with abuse and who replaces love with hatred.
  • You will find the real reason we are all treated like livestock, constantly being prodded, monitored, surveyed, vaccinated and herded for slaughter in wars.
  • You will discover how you are part of the greatest horror movie ever made.

If you are looking for the Hollywood mantra of sex, violence, murder and intrigue, all of that is in The Key, just not the Hollywood formula. In fact, even Hollywood hasn’t thought of a few of the twists in this book.

It is impossible for a normal, feeling human to believe that a mother could hate her daughter to the point of murder and reward the rapist of that daughter with extravagant gifts, houses and have sex with him. It is nearly impossible for a normal human to believe the colossal untruths unleashed by religions, corporations and governments. The Key unlocks the vault of knowledge available to you and reveals how these extraordinary events occur. This isn’t a science fiction novel, yet the answer to human enslavement is far more bizarre and unbelievable than any fiction writer could ever imagine.

If you miss reading this extraordinary book, you may still have your head stuck in the sand as the tsunami of global abuse sweeps over you. This book will provide you with the tools you need to clearly identify and nullify the few socially adept monsters that have controlled societies for centuries.
Any fool can know their society and millions do, the difficulty is to understand it. The Key shines the spotlight of truth on the people who feast on your pain and frustration and delivers the understanding that allows you to break free of their strange and twisted world. The Key is literally the key to unlocking the reason your world seems on a collision course with catastrophe. It is the key to understanding the way all societies are engrossed in controlling you.

We are born into the society around us and it is difficult to see the fire because of the smoke. The difference between our current society and ancient societies is the potential of our current system to destroy our whole planet and it’s a very cold, long walk to the next one. The Key is the tool to understand and reverse this madness. This amazing book will show you how you can claim the riches you deserve with little effort and reclaim your life, your true wealth, your freedom and happiness. As a life form on this beautiful planet, you will discover you are the most amazing assemblage of physical and emotional energy in the universe.

After reading this incredible book, I guarantee you will understand the reason behind every strange new law your government creates. You will understand domestic violence and the reason there are so many angry people. You will join the many millions of people who understand the way the world works – who always wins, who loses and why. You will be able to influence political decisions, simply and effectively. You will discover the real and powerful you.

The Key makes sense of the nonsense around you.

What would you pay to know the real reason your society makes things more difficult every single day. What would you pay to know the real reason there are wars and stock market crashes? What would you pay to find out the real reason money hungry governments suck you dry? When you finish reading The Key, you will have the X-ray vision to see the real reason your society is rotten to the core. You will easily understand why governments are focused on warfare and money.

I believe, the information I have accumulated over a lifetime of intense research is worth well over $50,000 per copy. I would have paid anything to discover the real reason I was conscripted to fight in the Vietnam War and later surrender my life to soulless Corporations. The information I discovered is priceless, but to get the information to the people who need it the most, I will not charge $20,000 and not even $200 per copy. This book is FREE.
With just a click, you can be reading this exhilarating, illuminating, infuriating, touching and powerful book in seconds for FREE. Click here for your FREE download. There are no forms to fill, subscriptions to send, hoops to jump through, just download and buckle up for the read of your life.
The key to unlock every hidden secret of your society is just a click away. Provided your brain cells don’t pass out from shock, your world will become very exciting when you reach the end of this extraordinary short book.

Download your free copy of The Key Here

Why the world is crazy
Stop The Endemic Madness

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