Government Crime Syndicate

In 1986 the US government took $93.7 million through a little known authority called “Civil Asset Forfeiture”. People who have never done anything wrong have had their life’s savings, homes, and business assets stolen without so much as a warrant.

By 2014, the Civil asset Forfeiture figure had grown 4,667% to $4.5 billion. In 2015 the government stole so much private property from its citizens that the total amount exceeded the value of all property stolen by every thief and felon in America combined.

The idea behind Civil Asset Forfeiture is that the government can confiscate your property, then put the burden on YOU to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong in order to get your property back. Agencies are all sharing the wealth among themselves, The US Department of Justus routinely hands out hundreds of millions of dollars of these stolen funds to local police in a corrupt sort of ‘proft sharing’ arrangement. There are sickening stories of police departments using this money to buy margarita machines, trips to Hawaii, concert tickets, and more.

24-year old Charles Clarke, had $11,000 in physical cash on him when he was traveling through Cincinnati airport. Clarke didn’t have a bank account and had been saving money for his entire life. He kept the cash at home, but was traveling with it because he and his mother were moving apartments. Officials at the airport saw the money, and, despite it being perfectly legal to carry physical cash, they thought it was suspicious and confiscated it. The government in an instant stole his entire life’s savings and he hadn’t done anything wrong or been charged with a crime.
The Key, clearly explains the people behind this criminality and how to eliminate it.

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