Real Power

You are born with the real and authentic you, which does not need to be produced, it is part of you. This real you, not the person society sees, not the person society shapes, but the powerful, feeling, inner you, needs to be discovered and nurtured. No society allows this to happen because the real self is dangerous for the states, the traditions, the crowds, the religions. When you realise your true self, you become an individual. When you realise you are born with your authentic self and discover you are a gifted individual with genetically encoded morals, you cannot be exploited. You no longer belong to mob psychology and cannot be led like sheep. You cannot be ordered and commanded. Life lived from the strength of inner awareness, realisation and authenticity will have amazing beauty and integrity, and that is the fear of ALL human societies. (Excerpt p 381 ‘The key’ by Relenski Zortac)

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