Glyphosate – as far as the eye can see

glyphosate-Monsanto's curse

When travelling through Australia, I am staggered at the amount of Glyphosate used by farmers and local governments. Monsanto touts Glyphosate as a safe herbicide and in the scheme of dangerous chemicals; I believe it is relatively safe. However, it’s the quantity of Glyphosate used throughout Australia that is concerning. Farmers are now using Glyphosate just before harvesting as a desiccant to ripen grain crops more uniformly and this toxicity is passed directly to grain fed animals and humans. This American article explores the possible effects of Glyphosate contamination in wheat crops.
In Australia, I see thousands and thousands of acres of un-naturally dried crops and pasture. I see local government spraying Glyphosate on the edges of streams and around children’s playgrounds. Australia is too cunning to release statistics relating to amounts of glyphosate used, but In Argentina an estimated 200 million litres of glyphosate is used in soybean production alone each year.  This is environmental madness on a global scale and The Key explains how this madness permeates society.
Fortunately, many people in Australia are trying to rectify this madness.


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